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COVID-19 and Bespoke

It is mandatory for CPV owners to have a digital record-keeping system in their vehicle for passengers to check in. Your Bespoke driver is fully vaccinated and bookings are only accepted from passengers that have also been fully vaccinated. 

From 28 May 2021, vehicle owners must provide the Service Victoria QR code in their commercial passenger vehicle for drivers and passengers to check in. The Service Victoria app collects:

  • passenger’s first and last name

  • passenger's phone number

  • date and time the passenger used the service

  • registration number of the vehicle.

In addition to this, owners are required by Department of Health to keep:

  • copies of cleaning records and booked commercial passenger vehicle service trip data if the booking service provider maintains these

  • trip data about any unbooked services the vehicle provides.

This Service Victoria app is integrated with the Victorian Government’s contact tracing system to enable a quick response to outbreaks.

Passengers are encouraged to check in when using the service. Drivers are not responsible for making sure passengers use the QR code and there is no mandatory requirement for passengers to check in. However, it is highly recommended that they do so for contact tracing purposes.

Why do people need to provide their last names when checking in? (updated 21/5/21)

The Service Victoria app now records surnames to provide contact tracers with more information to contact people quickly if an outbreak occurs.

The Service Vic app will record a customer’s first name, surname, and phone number from 9am on Tuesday 18 May 2021, as required by the Chief Health Officer’s directions.

The collection of last names makes it easier and faster for contact tracers to identify and contact people who may have been exposed to a COVID-19 case at a venue they have visited.

The more rapidly contact tracers can identify close contacts, the faster we can get on top of an outbreak. These measures protect all Victorians and enable us to keep doing the things we enjoy.

What is the penalty if a digital record keeping system is not made available in commercial passenger vehicles?

Department of Health authorised officers, police officers and WorkSafe inspectors can enforce this change.

Penalties of up to $1652 for individuals and $9913 for businesses can be issued if owners are not following the rules.

How long does the Victorian Government QR Code Service keep passenger records for?

Services Victoria will store all passenger records for 28 days. Records are only provided to the Department of Health for contact tracing purposes if someone who has used a vehicle, or visited a venue, tests positive to COVID-19.

Can Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria use the data collected through QR code record-keeping services to fulfil booking service providers’ record-keeping requirements?

No. The passenger record data is collected by Service Victoria and can only be accessed by the Department of Health for COVID-19 contract tracing purposes.

What if a passenger is not able to use the QR code to check in?

It is strongly recommended that passengers when using a CPV check in with the available digital record keeping solution such as a QR code; however it is not a requirement.

If passengers do not have a smartphone to check in CPVV recommends:

  • If travelling with a friend or family member who does have a smartphone, that they check them in using the digital solution provided in the CPV.

  • The passenger book the trip in advance. By booking a trip in advance the booking service provider will keep a record of the booking and will be able to work with the Department of Health to support contact tracing should this be needed.

Bespoke and COVID-safe cleaning protocols

Prior to any booked trip, Bespoke Driven Tours will ensure the vehicle is cleaned and sanitised as per government COVID-cleaning recommendations. Your driver is required to wear a mask and we ask that passengers also wear a mask whilst travelling. Hand sanitiser is provided in the vehicle.

Please also observe and follow COVID requirements at all venues visited. 

All high-touch surfaces will be sanitised before, during and after each trip, and the vehicle sanitised and left open to air before next use. 

We thank you in advance for your co-operation and hope you enjoy your day!